What is atrial fibrillation?

Atrial fibrillation is one of the most common heart rhythm disorders, causing an irregular and usually fast heartbeat. One in four people over the age of forty develop atrial fibrillation. It can be discovered by chance. About 30% of patients do not have any symptoms. Symptomatic patients may experience chest discomfort and heart palpitations. Despite some patients tolerate it; these feelings can be very annoying and disabling. However, it does not need to be! You can live a normal life with atrial fibrillation, as long as it is properly treated.

Patients with atrial fibrillation may experience a few complications such as stroke which is one of the most important and severe complications of atrial fibrillation [1][9]. Want to know more about living with atrial fibrillation? “Your Heart, Your Decision” shares personal stories by patients and their family members. Do you recognise the signs or do you have atrial fibrillation? Seek information from your doctor. Use the checklist on our site for this.