Published 2018-03-06
Changed 2019-01-27

It is important that people around you and healthcare professionals know that you are taking a blood thinner and which brand it is, because specific treatment options in an emergency situation may differ according to the blood thinner you are taking. This is how you can prepare yourself for an emergency situation:

  • Know by heart the name of your blood thinner. If possible make a note of it and keep it in a place where people can have access to the information.
  • If possible, tell your doctor, nurse or dentist that you are taking a blood thinner before any planned or emergency procedure.
  • Carry your ‘Anticoagulant Alert Card’ with you all times.
  • Ask your doctor what can be done with your blood thinner in case of an emergency.
  • Never stop taking your blood thinners on your own initiative!

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Always be well prepared. Be informed by your doctor about the use of blood thinners in an emergency situation. This checklist helps you to ask the right questions.